La Mamounia

The facts about La Mamounia 

La Mamounia is the most famous luxury hotel in Marrakech. It is extremely opulent. There are many suites and one of the most well known is the Churchill suite. This overlooks the beautiful gardens and Winston Churchill loved to paint these gardens. He described La Mamounia as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

The gardens are stunning and there is a strong scent of orange blossom throughout. The facilities are exceptional and this property is the height of luxury, with impeccable standards. The pools are substantial and there is also an excellent spa at La Mamounia. There are several bars and restaurants where you can dine, as well as shops within La Mamounia.

The Sloaney‘s Editor, Dr Laura Toogood says, “La Mamounia is extremely luxurious and an incredible experience. This is the place to stay if you visit Marrakech.” 

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