Sloaney Suites is part of luxury lifestyle publication The Sloaney and implements a strict accreditation process. Sloaney Suites will only feature hotels that meet certain standards of luxury. This is not influenced by any existing classification system and the principles of eligibility are driven by the experience available to guests at each property.

Whether you are a remote venue offering a unique situation in spectacular scenery or considered to be among the best in your city, we want to showcase your top rooms to luxury travellers around the world. We focus on giving your property visibility to our existing luxury community, which comprises thousands of individuals from all over the world who read The Sloaney. We also provide outreach to new guests who are seeking to transform their hotel visit by staying in the best available suites.  Accreditation with Sloaney Suites indicates that you have a room that meets our high standards of luxury and one that simply must be experienced.

If you would like to become accredited with Sloaney Suites and have your suite or premium room featured in our directory please contact to find out more.