Borgo Egnazia

The facts about Borgo Egnazia 

When you enter Borgo Egnazia, it is as though you have stepped back in time and arrived at an Ancient Roman settlement. Borgo Egnazia is inspired by an Apulian village and it is surrounded by olive groves. The interior is designed beautifully. It is crisp with white walls making the most of natural light.

Borgo Egnazia is a maze of beautiful rooms, suites and private villas. The whole place embodies the true essence this region of Italy, which is Puglia. There are several restaurants on site at Borgo Egnazia and the most refined dining option is Due Camini, which is the most sophisticated gourmet restaurant.

Among the activities for guests to enjoy at Borgo Egnazia are golf, swimming in the pools or nearby sea, bike rides, tennis and watersports. There is also a spa that provides plenty of beauty treatments for those who wish to indulge in facials or massages. There is a pool that is specifically allocated for use by families and children. This means that the other pools are normally very calm with only adults using the facilities during the day.

The local villages are a short cycle away and they give guests an option to dine outside of the hotel. The staff are very friendly and the service is brilliant.

The Sloaney‘s Editor Dr. Laura Toogood says, “I discovered the region of Puglia by chance and I fell in love with the culture in this part of Italy. My visit to Borgo Egnazia was wonderful and I enjoyed a faultless experience. The luxury resort is inspired by an ancient village but it is also modern inside. This is an interesting combination and it works very well. The scented candles leave a memorable fragrance and there are plenty of activities to keep you occupied.” 

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