Forte Village

Forte Village is a spectacular resort and ideal for those looking to enjoy a family break or sporty getaway. It boasts some of the best natural scenery in Sardinia and is protected by a towering range of hills, which means it benefits from a warm microclimate for much of the year.

Forte Village has a beautiful, long sandy beach and while the natural scenery impresses, it also provides a wide selection of man-made facilities, which are mainly for the use of sport. This resort is the perfect luxury destination for the sports enthusiast and it welcomes guests with an interest in soccer, tennis and swimming, among other activities.

While the sports facilities are a big part of the offering at this resort, it also has an incredible Thalasso circuit. There are six pools in total and each has a different saline density and temperature. It is probably one of the best spa experiences available in Europe.

The suites at Forte Village are designed to offer spacious living and there are various places you can stay at the resort, with hotel and villa accommodation available. This is a mini Italian village and, as such, there are several restaurants to enjoy, including those that overlook the sea.

The Sloaney’s Editor visited Forte Village and commented, “All in all, Forte Village is a luxurious paradise that provides you with everything you could desire when embarking on a wonderful holiday.”

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