SoHo Metropolitan Hotel

The facts about SoHo Metropolitan Hotel

The Soho Metropolitan Hotel is one of the coolest places to stay in Toronto. This buzzing city regularly welcomes Hollywood stars and many of these choose to stay at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel. The suite has been occupied by some of the world’s best actors and actresses and it spans multiple levels.

There are several restaurants at the SoHo Metropolitan and these include the delicious Luckee. Luckee is considered one of the best places to eat in the city and this dining hotspot was created by acclaimed celebrity chef Susur Lee who decided to partner with the hotel. The food at Luckee is excellent and the menu offers great variety with big portions.

The Soho Metropolitan also is very convenient for those visiting the city to explore the attractions. It is located near to the entertainment district. It also offers a very good standard of luxury and is part of the Preferred Hotels and Resorts collection, which has a vast selection of properties around the world that are suitable for the luxury traveller.

The Sloaney‘s Editor Laura Toogood says, “The Soho Metropolitan Hotel is really at the heart of an up-and-coming area of Toronto that is positively bursting with feel good vibes. With this in mind, we wouldn’t blame you if you spent most of your stay simply enjoying the celebrity atmosphere at this venue and experiencing the sense of glitz and glamour that makes the hotel such a firm favourite with film stars.” 

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