Hilton Labriz, Silhouette Island

The facts about Hilton Labriz on Silhouette Island 

The Hilton Labriz on Silhouette Island is a magical destination. This is the place to visit if you are seeking the ultimate tropical break in complete and utter paradise. The Hilton Labriz is the only hotel on the island and the population of Silhouette is just 200 people. It is heavily protected from an environmental side of things and therefore you can see a lot of precious wildlife.

From a suite perspective, there are private villas dotted across the resort and many of these have direct access to the beach. The furnishings are luxurious and many have their own plunge pools. There is coral right on the doorstep and you can spend hours snorkelling in the sea. It is also possible to get a boat to the shores of North Island to snorkel further out in the ocean. The water is incredibly clear and you will likely see turtles, reef sharks and beautiful fish.

There are several places to dine at the Hilton Labriz and the cuisine is delicious. The Thai and Japanese restaurants at the resort are particularly impressive. There is also a traditional plantation house located in the local village and this offers spicy curry.

The spa is located in the rocks and there is a special room for couples to enjoy treatments together. The resort is only about 40 minutes away from the main island by boat. You can also arrive by helicopter.

The Sloaney‘s Editor Dr. Laura Toogood says, “Hilton Labriz Resort and Spa on Silhouette Island is a destination to treasure. It provides an opportunity for you to experience a supreme tropical getaway. It is the perfect example of luxury working in harmony with the environment. The dynamic landscape is thriving with precious forms of life and the setting is magical. This is Mother Nature at her very best and you are guaranteed to enjoy a remarkable experience.” 

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