Hilton Northolme

The Hilton Northolme is a tropical paradise that is located on Mahe Island in the Seychelles.  It is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Seychelles and boasts stunning views over the Indian Ocean.

The property acted as inspiration to James Bond creator Ian Fleming and has hosted many famous visitors. There are beautiful beaches nestled among the rocky landscape. The Hilton Northolme is surrounded by white stretches of sand. It also features tropical gardens and is home to one of only two cannonball tress on the island.

There are many activities to do and these make the most of the natural environment. You can enjoy snorkelling and diving. Hiking is also popular and the walks take you high up the hillside in order to see some of the best views of the island.

The Presidential Suite is spectacular and has its own infinity swimming pool. Many of the other new villas also have their own private pool and this property is excellent for respecting the privacy of guests.  The spa offers panoramic views of the sea and is extremely relaxing.

The Sloaney‘s Editor, Dr Laura Toogood says, “It is difficult to pick one outstanding characteristic of Hilton Northolme. The setting is inspiring with magnificent views of the Indian Ocean and the villas offer fantastic privacy for those looking to enjoy a peaceful and uninterrupted stay. The warm sea is only steps away and it is also very easy to visit other areas of the vibrant island if you want to explore different parts of Mahe. The cuisine is probably the greatest asset to Hilton Northolme. When you dine in the restaurants you will enjoy a fine mix of local dishes that are expertly spiced and seasoned. They help to create an utterly mouth-watering menu.”

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