The Fullerton Hotel

The facts about The Fullerton Hotel 

The Fullerton Hotel in Singapore is part of Preferred Hotels and Resorts. It is a masterpiece in the world of luxury hotels and offers guests a wonderful place to stay in Singapore.

The Palladian architecture is beautiful and the hotel excels with its service. For those stopping off briefly in the city or even those staying longer, this property provides world class accommodation. It is also a historic landmark and packed full of interesting artifacts.

The Fullerton Hotel has a wonderful rooftop pool, which is a popular place to enjoy the climate. The cuisine is also very good and the champagne brunch is a must.

The Presidential Suite is the premium room at The Fullerton Hotel. It was previously the card room of the elite Singapore Club. Today it includes many traditional luxury items, such as a baby grand piano and a private elevator. This means that guests can enjoy an extra level of privacy in the form of discreet access to the suite.

The spa is very relaxing and it has a peaceful atmosphere. This is especially important when enjoying a city break. The treatments are good and the spa uses the Aromatherapy Associates brand as its preferred choice. The aim of the spa is to ensure that guests feel they can escape and renew their zest for life.

The Sloaney’s feature writer Katie Ann Lamb commented,  “The staff were very attentive and knowledgeable throughout the duration of my visit. This alone puts the property ahead of many others.”

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